• Name:Customized Laser Hologram Film
  • Material:PET
  • Use:Anti-counterfeiting
  • Adhesive Side:Single Sided
  • Adhesive Type:N/A
  • Color:Silver
  • Hidden message: N/A
Holographic Film laser custom holographic vinyl film




Product feature:


PET hologram film are used for paper board lamination, silk-screen,offset-screen,concavity-screen

and other all kinds of printing,adhesive,draw flower,Christmas articles etc.

3D effect Hologram film are shooted by laser beam in different angles,which figure out different colors red, green, blue, yellow, etc, in differenct viewing angles.

Hologram film are designed and produced to impress customers with striking brightness,vivid colors,kinetic patterns,and great performance under printing and lamination.The most commonly used holographic films are PET,BOPP,Depending on your applications,you may choose the film that best suits your needs.