• Name:Metallized PET film with VOID
  • Material:PET
  • Use:Anti-counterfeiting
  • Adhesive Side:N/A
  • Adhesive Type:N/A
  • Color:Silver
  • Hidden message: Void

Metalized Polyester Film


Production description:

 High gloss and high smoothness of surface,

 Strong metallic look and excellent aluminum adhesion.

 Good printing quality and fireproof properties

 Heat resistant, water proof, stable at high temperature or in boiled water

 Environmentally friendly, no smell and non-toxic





Can be laination with CPP, BOPP, PE , Paperboard, Fabric.

Suitable for Offset, Gravure and so on regular printing.

Food packing, Pet packing, Insulation material, Decoration, paperboard lamination and so on

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