• Name:Hologram Hot Stamping Foil
  • Material:PET
  • Use:laminating film, printing film
  • Adhesive Side:Single Sided
  • Adhesive Type:N/A
  • Color:Golden
  • Hidden message: N/A
Golden hologram hot stamping foil


Product description:


The hot stamping foil materials are applied to the papers, plastic, leathers, cloth and other materials at high temperature by hot stamping machine. Finally its colorfull layers (gold, silver, red, green, blue, purple) or pattern or design are transfferd and a special decorative surface are formed. They are divided into General Gold and Silver Hot Stamping Foil; Laser Gold, Silver Hot Stamping Foil and Customized Registration Hot Stamping Foil.



Prdouct Features:


Excellent application to all kinds of paper no matter which is coated or with smooth surface 

Stamped to embossing or textured surface

Outstanding performance at heat-endurance and scratch-resistance

Much higher glossy

Suitable for high-speed auto stamping machine

Stamping Temperature

Platen @80°C - 105°C/ 176°F - 221°F

Cylinder @120°C - 180°C/ 248°F - 356°F

Rotary @170°C - 230°C/ 338°F - 446°F



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