• Name:Co-extruded Destructible Label
  • Material:Destructible Vinyl material
  • Use:Anti-counterfeiting
  • Adhesive Side:Single Sided
  • Adhesive Type:Acrylic
  • Color:White
  • Hidden message: N/A
Co-extruded Ultra Destrucitlbe Vinyl Label


Product description:

  Co-extruded Ultra Destrucitlbe Vinyl Label

White destructible label breaks apart into small pieces when removal is attempted, thus providing complete protection to goods against pilferage or tampering. The technique works by using a very weak and brittle substrate and aggressive adhesive to ensure that the label disintegrate into many components if any attempt is made to remove it.



Products features:


-The destructive materials will be broken into pieces once being removed

-The materials can be manufactured into easiest destructible, medium destructible and hard destructible materials according to customers’ needs.

-Color, size, thickness, and destructible effect can be customized.

-The smooth surface is suitable for printing process.

-Resist for aging and high temperature, no crack and no discoloration.

-Strong acrylic adhesive provides high bond and excellent destructibility on most substrates, including metals, power coated surfaces, and plastics, including many low energy surface materials.