• Name:UV Visible Security VOID Material
  • Material:PET
  • Use:Anti-counterfeiting
  • Adhesive Side:Single Sided
  • Adhesive Type:Acrylic
  • Color:Transparent, can be customized
  • Hidden message: VOID/VOIDOPEN
UV Visible Security VOID Material


The pre-designed hidden message “VOID” with adhesive will appear both on facestocks and applied surface after removed. Meanwhile, both sides are still sticky. It shows physical evidence of removal and cannot be returned as initial.


Partial transfer tamper proof label materials including low residue tamper proof security label materials and high residue tamper evidence void label materials two types. Low residue tamper evident void labels are that the "VOID" message transferred onto the application surface and the other parts remains on the lift security labels, but the high residue tamper proof security labels are opposite that the "VOID" message remains on the lift tamper evidence security labels and the whole other parts transferred onto the application surface.



UV visible tamper evident material is a 50 microns transparent UV reactive partial transfer low residue VOID tamper evident label material. The security hidden message “VOID” will be visible under UV light and reveals on lift security label and transferred onto the application surface after removal is attempt.  


This permanent damage can’t be returned as before and shows obvious evidence of any unauthorized opening. It deters stolen and manipulation continuance.





-The pre-designed message will appear immediately once removed, which shows the effect of anti-counterfeiting and anti-thief.

-Only part of hidden message with adhesive is transferred to the applied surface.

-Color, size, hidden message and etc. can be customized for a unique requirement.

-It is topcoated for all kinds of printing on surface of the materials.

-Suitable for using on non-recyclable glossy paper, metal, glasses, woods, plastic and corona treated PE bags.