• Name:Hologram Security VOID Material
  • Material:PET
  • Use:Anti-counterfeiting
  • Adhesive Side:Single Sided
  • Adhesive Type:Acrylic
  • Color:silver
  • Hidden message: Void
Partial transfer tamper evident hologram material holographic VOID label material


Production description:


Holographic image manufactured on tamper evident materials, showing different colors under different angles for a higher security purpose.


Product Features:

  • The pre-designed message will appear immediately once removed, which shows the effect of anti-counterfeiting and anti-thief.
  • It can be made into total transfer, partial transfer and non transfer void materials.
  • Color, size, hidden message and etc. can be customized for a unique requirement.
  • It is topcoated for all kinds of printing on surface of the materials.
  • Suitable for using on non-recyclable glossy paper, metal, glasses, woods, plastic and corona treated PE bags.